“Hard science” and the topic of language

A researcher from the sciences often forwards these kinds of articles to me, always sure they will revolutionize (read legitimize) my research. While this has not been the case, it is interesting to try and crawl into a different sort of mind to view the topic in a different way for a few minutes (or let’s be honest, an hour in the case of some articles). The month of April brought reminders of the renewed interest that the biological sciences are taking in language these days, as evidenced by publications in the  ”major leagues” of hard science and popular interest: Nature and Science . For your edification:

Phonemic Diversity Supports a Serial Founder Effect Model of Language Expansion from Africa – Quentin D. Atkinson

Universal Truths: Rejection of broad commonality in structure of languages has implications for all sciences (Editorial)the comments on this editorial are particularly enjoyable.

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One response to ““Hard science” and the topic of language

  1. Samuli Kaislaniemi

    ..and the obvious pages to link for more in-depth analysis/commentary are to be found on Language Log (where else?):
    phonemic diversity, and
    word-order universals (this is a comment on the article the above editorial comments on, rather than on the editorial).
    The comments are interesting to say the least.


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